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How Messenger Marketing Outperforms Email Marketing

By March 23, 2019Chatbot Messenger
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If you are reading this article right now, you probably heard of Messenger Marketing and perhaps are considering adopting it as one of your marketing strategies. In other words, you are on the right path to marketing success. Congratulations!

So first off, what exactly is Messenger Marketing?

As the term suggests itself, Messenger Marketing is the latest upcoming form of marketing where businesses leverage on mobile messaging platforms to establish conversations and commerce with their customers.

The uprise of Messenger Marketing is no myth, and it is clearly headed to take over traditional email marketing.

There are currently more than 1.2 billion users on Messenger, and it is not stopping there.

The Problem with Email Marketing

Perhaps you are wondering:

Why do messenger marketing when I’m already doing email marketing?

Let’s be real, email marketing is headed downhill. Just take a look at the average open rates and click-through rates below.

Some headache-inducing issues with email marketing:

– Disappointing open and click-through rates (Average open rate hovers around 20% while click-through is about 4%, source: SmartInsights)

– Steep competition. Most people own more than one email address and receive emails from several brands. (The average consumer has 3.9 personal email addresses — BlueHornet, 2014) This makes it a challenge to keep your subscribers list up-to-date

– Hassle to optimise. You have to make sure that your emails show up correctly across all devices and email clients. That is a lot of work, if you ask me.

5 Ways Messenger is Kicking Butts

1) People prefer to use Messenger to contact businesses

In fact,

53% of the people say they are more likely to purchase from a business that they can message directly.

Messaging is fast and convenient. This is why we prefer to WhatsApp or Facebook message our family and friends, rather than emailing them. The same efficiency is increasingly what customers expect of their communication with businesses.

What you also have to understand is that most shopping intents are an impulse. You want to reel your customers in when their urge to purchase is high. Messenger gives you the opportunity to address customer queries immediately and provide them the instant attention they seek. Just like how you would tend to your customers in a physical store.

2) Higher engagement rates

How many of those marketing emails do you delete without even clicking in?

The low open rate for emails is a struggle that many marketers are facing. A large subscribers list does not necessarily translates to high engagement.

That said, you are more likely to achieve greater success with a much smaller subscribers list on Messenger. Studies show that 90% of people read a text message within first 3 minutes.

Imagine having to send out 1000 emails to get 33 click-throughs. You can easily achieve the same result by just sending out 100 messages to your subscribers on Messenger. What a difference!

3) More effective segmentation

The long list of questions asked during email subscription process often comes across as interrogative and can scare off customers from even signing up.

In Messenger, you automatically capture customers’ identities when they subscribe. And all they have to do is just click on a button. Straightforward.

Also, all interactions with customers on Messenger can be tagged. These tags will help you better segment your database and send out more personalised and relevant information.

4) You can conduct transactions on Messenger (but not email)

Late last year, Facebook launched the “Buy” button that enables native payments.

What this means is that customers are now able to complete the entire purchase process without ever leaving the platform. Don’t we all hate those payment redirects?

Complete the transaction within Facebook Messenger app.

5) A better way to gather customer feedback

Experts may have widely differing views amongst themselves, but one thing they all agree on –

Customer feedback plays a huge role in a business’s success.

It gives actionable insights to not only improve your products and services, but also customer retention. Your customers like to know that you value their opinions. Simple as that.

Messenger is a great tool to gather these feedbacks. You can ask your customers in a personal way for their honest opinions and check if there is anything you can do to offer them a better experience.

Happy customers’ reviews will boost your business’s credibility. Something call the Word-of-Mouth magic.

Research shows that of customers who interacted with a business over Messenger, 30% of them provided feedback and 39% share photos of products. This feedback process is made even simpler with Messenger.


Messenger is a great driver of engagement and conversion. Reach out to your customers with more engaging, more targeted and more relevant information.

Best part — you don’t even need a huge subscriber list to start seeing results! Get started with Messenger Marketing right away and start boosting your sales!

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