Hatch Hives’ Container Recirculating Aquaculture System (CRAS™)

Container-RAS – CRAS™

The CRAS is a modular upgrade from the traditional RAS, the CRAS is way more versatile and transportable compared to the RAS, with its ease of installation, it saves both time and money.

State-of-the-art technology

The CRAS is a complete end-to-end filtration unit designed for aquacultural farmers with the least carbon footprints and minimal energy consumption. The CRAS Units are equipped to provide complete mechanical, biological, chemical and disinfection water treatment; integrated with an automated operation systems, decreasing the operational cost and human error probability of the facility. It is ideal for both large-scale commercial operations as well as small-scale farms and can be easily retrofitted into any existing infrastructure. The CRAS can also be used to farm a variety of aquaculture species, freshwater or saltwater, including salmon, trout, tilapia, abalone, crawfish, crabs and shrimp, among others. Furthermore, regardless of weather or climate conditions, the CRAS is operatable all year round, reducing any disruptions to production. Upon ordering, it takes approximately 1 month to be custom manufactured to fit the needs of your operations. Once delivered onsite, you will be able to plug--and-use instantly.

Disease Resistant
Higher Growth Rates
Lower Mortality
Higher Fecundity Levels
Temperature Tolerant
Higher Meat Yield

Fully customizable and integrated system

Modular and movable system within a 40ft container

All in one system

Easily operatable

Enclosed and protected for easy mobility


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