Sustainably Sourced From Nature

At Singapore crawfish, our researchers have developed a high-quality crawfish feed by combining 18 special ingredients, delivered without artificial preservatives and rich in essential amino acids.

Animal Protein

A combination of animal
protein from both land and
sea, we dive into the specific
animal parts to extract the
best nutrients for our feed.

Plant Protein

Sourced organically from
sustainable sources, we use
plant based proteins as one of the main ingredients for our feed in order to keep the cost affordable for all.

Insect Protein

An up and coming source that packs a punch of protein, fatty acids, minerals like iron, zinc, sodium, potassium, selenium, copper and

Our specialized feed is produced sustainably and it contains a crude protein that is superior to commonly used feed ingredients; it is highly digestible, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Our crawfish feed has been developed by non-other than the world’s most recognised aqua feed nutritionist Dr Albert Tacon, specifically for crawfish use.

Our crawfish feed has demonstrated superiority over traditional fish meal-based shrimp feeds in survivability, growth and disease remediation. It provides excellent survivability, immune system support and superior growth. This has been demonstrated in both controlled lab tests and third-party pond trials. Our feed wholly meets the nutritional requirements of the crawfish throughout their lifecycle.

We are in the process of developing our broodstock feed as brood stock nutrition has a profound influence on the fecundity levels affecting the quantity, quality and performance of the offspring. At our research facility, we are carefully balancing the essential nutrients is vital for ensuring breeder conditioning, optimal sperm and egg development while providing sufficient energy to aid in the birthing of crawfish fries.


Impact of Feed on Crawfish Yield

Our feed research programs bring us to greater heights in achieving stronger crawfish yield.


Comparison of Crawfish Yield at Month 6

From our experiments, crawfish that underwent our in-house feed and tech grew significantly larger than those without.

Normal Feed
In-House Feed
In-House Feed & Tech

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