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From our main research facilities based in Singapore, we have built and deployed modular agri-tech systems to rear crawfish in an extremely sustainable and scalable manner around the world, beginning with pilot hatcheries in Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and Brunei


At Hatch Hives, we take a sustainability driven approach to aquaculture. We take care in using methods that conserve the oceans and marine resources. We also seek to create positive economic growth for our partner communities by introducing new income streams for farmers.

Mining for



The Artificial Intelligent (A.I) monitoring systems we deploy across our hatcheries globally track and analyze growth results so that we may produce superior crops.

“Crawfish are high in protein and low in fats, making them an excellent choice of replacment protein source to feed globally undernourished populations.”

Datuk Desmond

Founder and CEO

Our Pillars of Focus

The Team

Our team is made up of a distinguished panel of farmers, experts and business leaders.


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