Protein Skimmer

Key Feature

Removes water-bourne proteins or other organic compound which are collected in the form of white foams through fine bubbles.


Hatch Hives’ Protein Skimmers are highly efficient in removing dissolved organic compounds, excess nutrients, and other dissolved and particulate matter from your aquaculture system. This helps to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and algae, reducing the risk of disease and improving the overall health of your aquaculture system. Using a special fractionation process, our Protein Skimmer infuses oxygen and ozone that minimize bacteria and microorganisms concentration in the Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS). The protein-skimmers are equipped with the latest technology and materials to ensure maximum performance, reliability, and durability. With its innovative and compact design, Hatch Hives’ protein skimmer can be seamlessly integrated into any existing aquaculture system or used as a standalone unit. It features an adjustable flow rate and custom-sized collection cup, allowing you to customize it to meet the specific needs of your aquaculture system.

Disease Resistant
Higher Growth Rates
Lower Mortality
Higher Fecundity Levels
Temperature Tolerant
Higher Meat Yield

Remove up to 90% of the dissolved organics, proteins and fish food remains.

Removal of fine particulate material (< 40 micron )

Reduces load imposed on other filtration equipments

Maximize oxygen saturation in the water

Resistant and robust fabrication.

Fully customizable to your specifications

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