Roots Blower



Hatch Hives’ Roots Blower is equipped with precision-machined rotors that create a continuous flow of air or gas. It is designed to deliver a constant and reliable stream of air to your aquaculture system, ensuring the health and growth of your aquatic species. With its reliable and consistent performance, the Roots Blower helps to minimize downtime and maintenance costs. the Roots Blower is a high-quality, reliable, and energy-efficient solution for delivering high volumes of air or gas.

Disease Resistant
Higher Growth Rates
Lower Mortality
Higher Fecundity Levels
Temperature Tolerant
Higher Meat Yield

Improved design for adiabatic efficiency and volumetric efficiency of the impeller.

Minimal vibration and noise of the fan.

Clean gas without the production of "oil smoke".

Compact structure.

Unrivaled performance of the fan remains unchanged for a long time and can operate continuously for a long time.

Improved operational lifespan and little or no maintenance needed.

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