Submersible Pump

Item Specifications

Fully customizable with a range of 15kW to 315kW. Total flowrate from 10m³/h to 4000m³/h


Hatch Hives’ submersible pump is highly durable and robust that is also customizable to the different flow-rate needed. The motor is located in the upper part and is divided into single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors. Used between pump and motor double-end mechanical seal, each fixed end seal is sealed with O-type oil-resistant rubber sealing ring for static sealing. The mechanical seal of key parts adopts cemented carbide and high-quality silicon carbide as material, the shaft is made of 45 # steel or stainless steel, to ensure the shaft has reliable mechanical strength and certain wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Disease Resistant
Higher Growth Rates
Lower Mortality
Higher Fecundity Levels
Temperature Tolerant
Higher Meat Yield

Robust and built with durable materials

Corrosion resistant

Little or no maintenance needed

High efficiency motors

Fully customizable to your specifications


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