Biological Filter



Hatch Hives’ MBBRs (Moving Bed Biofilter or Biofilm Reactors) are biological filters, fabricated to provide biological filtration and maximize oxygen concentration while enabling organic load degradation. MBBR systems are applicable to any biologically charged water volume and it is a key component in any fresh water or marine RAS farms and hatcheries.Hatch Hives’ MBBR Biofilters are made of high-quality polyethylene, resistant to osmosis and ozone gas, creating a bio-film layer is formed on and in suspended polyethylene floating media.

Disease Resistant
Higher Growth Rates
Lower Mortality
Higher Fecundity Levels
Temperature Tolerant
Higher Meat Yield

Advanced design, Robust and Proper for saline and fresh water

Long Lasting Polyethylene moving bed media

Better biological filtration than trickle filters

Ease in operation & maintenance



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